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Spotlight: Mantra Lighting's Sabina

Posted on April 09 2018

If you're looking for contemporary interior designs with an air of class and grace, few brands bring their inspirations to life with such dexterity as Mantra Lighting. Theirs is a character that embodies both luxury and the contemporary, illuminating a sense of personality as befits your lighting project needs. One of the latest designs to showcase this in all of its glory is the Sabina collection. Created by Matra Lighting designer Jose Ignacio Ballester, the Sabina collection takes its influence from the contemporary trend of brutalism design, and brings it to life with a sense of personality that is truly its own. Making use of natural materials, this is the brutalist structure reimagined, given a fresh grace and versatility in the hands of a brand who place care into every little intricacy. Simply put: the lights in the Sabina collection are quite unlike any other you will find on the luxury lighting market. "The growing trend of brutalism in interior design has been interpreted by Jose Ignacio Ballester with the Sabina collection," Mantra Lighting introduce. "Sabina, with soft rustic strokes, emulates the textures and colours of the wood with its metal constructions decorated to the effect." They continue to describe the elegant construction. It consists of "elements that combine burlap screens in different sizes and electrified cables with textile coating, emulating the rope, which support the elements in the air forming compositions of different formats, linking them with simple knots." "Rustic mountain ambiences or corners by the sea in the most Ibizan style, they are the perfect place to present any of their roof proposals and their auxiliaries, aesthetically dressing and in a different way their chosen place."