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Spotlight: Mantra's Oakley

Posted on November 13 2017

An internationally recognised manufacturer of designer luxury low energy lighting at affordable prices, Mantra Lighting is leading the way in energy saving lighting design. The brand has over 1000 products to their name. Creating a unique identity with every range of products, the brand has developed a sense of character that never loses its appeal. Mantra Lighting products are a sure way to instantly inject elegance to a setting of your choosing. The company strive to do justice to the remarkable range they offer with great value and with excellent levels of service – two characteristics they consistently pride themselves on. These values are integral to every design that Mantra Lighting produce. One particularly powerful example of this is the Oakley light. This is a design capable of capturing visual attention in any setting, presenting a striking sense of contemporary character that is very much its own. In its pendant form, LED rings emit light both up to the ceiling and downwards through white polycarbonate diffusers. Offering a dual direction of illumination, the Oakley light creates powerful lighting in all directions. This effect is also seen in the ceiling version of the Oakley light, the constructions metallic finish offering an attractive mirror effect. Visually striking and characteristically contemporary, this is one of Mantra Lighting's most cutting edge designs. Combining a futuristic aesthetic with simple and organic shapes, the Oakley light is a brilliant choice for decoration projects with industrial or technical looks as well as warmer and more modern environments. Easily adaptable for both home and contract settings, like everything Mantra Lighting offer, the Oakley light is purpose built to meet your lighting needs, offering both an easy to use function along with a fantastic aesthetic.