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Spotlight: Mantra's Take

Posted on November 20 2017

An internationally recognised manufacturer of designer luxury low energy lighting at affordable prices, Mantra Lighting is leading the way in energy saving lighting design. The brand has over 1000 products to their name. Creating a unique identity with every range of products, the brand has developed a sense of character that never loses its appeal. Mantra Lighting products are a sure way to instantly inject elegance to a setting of your choosing. The company strive to do justice to the remarkable range they offer with great value and with excellent levels of service – two characteristics they consistently pride themselves on. These values are integral to every design that Mantra Lighting produce. One particularly powerful example of this is the Take light. A concept of minimalist style inspired by the traditional cuts of bamboo, this is a design with its own personality. Constructed with a set of asymmetric volumes alternated at different heights and different directions, the Take light collection are all products of pure lines designed to be the protagonist and not go unnoticed. The initial idea comes from the observation of natural elements and their traditional manufacturing process, bamboo as a natural element transferred to a decorative object. Its general volume is studied in such a way that it allows the diffusion of light in different directions with the possibility of configuring the light source where desired. The collection is made of metal tube and incorporates LED technology as a light source, allowing high performance with efficient consumption.