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Spotlight: Mantra's Cube

Posted on April 11 2017

Mantra Lighting are a brand with a mission, striving to make “affordable lighting, with design and quality available to everyone.” The Spanish company excel at this, positioning themselves at the forefront of the lighting industry.

The Brand

Founded in the mid 2000's, Mantra Lighting has grown from a Spain-based and Spanish market focused company to become known for their quality and affordable designs at an international level. Today Mantra Lighting market their products as far afield as Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Trusting in the professional work standards of their designers, Mantra Lighting create lighting products with character and personality. These products are crafted with distinction, adding a sense of flair made to compliment your setting or environment. It's this sense of style that has seen Mantra Lighting become so admired in a relatively short space of time.

The ethos the brand maintain is simple. Mantra Lighting strive to "feel the light." Invoking emotion is a powerful tool, and this is a company that prove themselves more than adept.

The Product

Ever evolving, Mantra Lighting have unveiled a new design as a part of their constantly expanding collection. Cube draws on Nordic style and inspiration, coupling it with a geometric aesthetic to create something wholly unique.

Made from white and natural wood, this combination of materials that compose the cube collection define the way in which the design is seen. Throughout the collection, various applications of these materials allow for different possibilities, giving the Cube a great versatility.

Focusing on purity and decorative lines, the geometry of the Cube is present in each and every one of its minimal components. The design is simple yet effective, conceptual yet functional.