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Spotlight: Mantra's Wazowsky - volume in vitality

Posted on February 17 2017

A time of late nights and lazily spent days, summer is the season of fun. Music festivals bring bands and fans from all over the world to revel in the enjoyment of sun-scorched days. Embodying that feeling in a product of contemporary design is Mantra Lighting's Wazowsky.

The Inspiration

Remember Monsters Inc? The Walt Disney and Pixar film has brought joy to families in their thousands. Taking influence from the one eyed green Mike Wazowski, Wazowsky is created with the same sense of playfulness and whimsy.

With sound and function as evident a purpose as the light itself, the Wazowsky product also takes great influence from music and the way in which it is heard. From the headphone moments you revel in from the office or the car, or blasting through the speakers being shared with friends, all of this impacted upon the product's characteristic design.

The Product 

Both a lamp and a speaker, the Wazowsky light was designed with fun and frivolity in mind. Its simple yet quirky shape - similar to that of the Monsters Inc character - is as chic as it is youthful. The colour changing feature adds to the products sense of frivolousness.

Doubling as a speaker, with the cone situated front and centre of the product, its function becomes twofold. A handle offers portability, attached to the main body in the shape of headphones, further linking the product to culture and music.

The Wazowsky was designed to be enjoyed wherever you are. Suitable for use indoors, outdoors, and even by pool areas, the product is created with the summer season in mind. It's made for people who value entertainment, for people who love to have fun, and to serve as a vibrant addition to the hottest of months.