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Spotlight: Marchetti's Canopus

Posted on April 18 2018

When it comes to bespoke lighting creations, Marchetti Lighting stand at the top of their field. With a hand-crafted ethos at the core of their very being, the company have developed a DNA structure for all working methods that continues to set them apart from the rest. Forged from steel rings with different sizes, and made to measure tailoring as a high fashion dress, Marchetti Lighting's Canopus range, designed by Roberto Giacomucci, offers a uniquely luxurious sense of character. The size of the Canopus fixture, with custom options made available to suit the lighting needs of you and your setting or project, is capable of instilling a sense of awe in anyone who sees it, and it's not just the structure of the design that is built to impress. Anyones imagination can be brought to life by the size of the crystals contained within the Canopus' structure, each with their own exceptional beauty. These water crystals contained within the design are illuminated by the indirect light of Canopus' LEDs, creating an illumination that is nothing short of unique. This water crystal effect was developed through experimentation in the Marchetti lab. Completely unique to Marchetti designs, these water crystals are the result of a chemical process that thraps water into crystal. Blown with nitrogen, this then crystallises, and the resulting effect on illumination proves to be truly marvellous. Available in a range of different luxurious finishes (including gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, and galvanic brushed satin gold), with each finish completed by hand for the ultimate attention to detail, the Canopus is one of Marchetti's most stunning designs.