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Spotlight: Missia - multicolour magic

Posted on June 06 2016

Masiero are a leading name in the luxury lighting design market. The brand have built on a long established foundation of expertise to create the contemporary Missia collection. Inspiration came from exploring right in their own backyard. In this creation, the company use the technical know how that's already brought them so many successes. Here, Masiero have come up with a design that's both classy and contemporary.


A broad lampshade sat on a singular black support holds all the action that brings this lighting design to life. Vibrant shades of red, orange, and black glass swirl across the diffuser. When illuminated organic waves glow from within, illuminating the room with an enticingly warm light.


The coloured glass diffuses the light source within with an added warmth. The darkest shades introduce a playful hint of shadow to the illumination. Coloured in waves, the design is constructed with a gentle energy, enlivening any setting with its distinctively spirited dynamic.


Designed by Manue Vivian, the Missia lamp is made with a powder coated metal frame. The product is made with a blown triplex murano glass diffuser. The range is available in multicolour, as well as being available in white. The white version of the Missia lamp offers a clearer illumination. It loses none of the brightness and warmth that the coloured edition boasts.


This design is available as a chandelier and a pendant, as well as ceiling mounted, floor, and tabletop models. The design is perfectly suited to coordination or to stand as a sole statement piece. All Missa products enliven a setting with a warm sense of natural motion.