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Spotlight: Maytoni's Loft collection

Posted on March 15 2017

Modern lighting fixtures are a real catch for anyone who perhaps might shy from the idea of extraordinary pomp or austerity that classic or traditional chandelier designs can instill. One aspect of what makes Maytoni Chandeliers such a successful brand is their ability to cater across traditional and contemporary aesthetics.


Maytoni's Loft collection is one of their ranges designed to suit contemporary needs and expressions. The epoch of these modern designs has its origins in 1940's America. Back then, they were designed simply as functional for their direct use in factories and production plants. It wasn't long, however, before these designs became sought after en masse,

Thus a movement of modern lighting design began. First appearing in attics and studios of artists and architects, then later in bistros and restaurant halls, these modern designs are now readily available for purchase and installation in any setting that suits you.


Having revealed themselves in the middle of the last century, Loft lamps are associated with the progress, technologies, and development of the time, all of which are essential for the 21st century of innovations.

Modern lighting fixtures of this style are typically made from metal of various textures and types of treatment, from wood, glass, steel. Owing to these simple materials, modern lighting fixtures of this style are easy to maintain with minimal attention.

One of the features of these modern lamps is that they do not just play the role of a source of light, but they are independent design elements - their aesthetic is as important as their function to their creation.


Modern lighting fixtures in Loft style are ideal for creative people, for those who prefer fashionable trends and for admirers of up-to-date and functional interior arrangements. Available at a wide range of prices, these modern designs are suited to almost any budget.

An awe-instilling and characteristic alternative to classic chandeliers and crystal lighting, these products are an illuminating addition to any room.