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Spotlight: Maytoni's Street Lighting

Posted on March 14 2017

Maytoni Chandeliers are created with an unparalleled quality. Their contemporary take on classic ideals is one that instills a sense of majesty and awe. It's a quality they build into all of their designs, from the boldest chandeliers to their characteristic street lighting.


In our time, street lighting is a common and indispensable feature of every street. It's something we take for granted, something we can hardly imagine being without. Despite all of this, the appearance of street lighting is relatively recent.

Street Lighting originated in Britain in 1417 when the mayor of London, one Henry Barton, ordered lamp installation and illumination at night during winter. The first lamps were lit with simple candles or oil and had a very basic, uncomplicated design.

For a long time, streets, towns, and cities were lit by these oil lanterns. Progressively these became replaced by cheaper kerosene lamps. The first gas street lamp was created in 19th century by William Murdoch, whose ideas were first received with skepticism - he was called eccentric and even a lunatic. However, the invention proved to be a sensational, revolutionary innovation. Mass production of the gas lamps of his design began in 1807.


The electric lamps and fixtures still in use for street lighting today date back to the second half of the 19th century. The invention of the light bulb is attributed to two engineers: Russian Alexander Lodygin and American Thomas Edison. In 1873, Lodygin created an incandescent light bulb with a carbon filament. A few years later, Edison proposed an improved version, much cheaper in production and was much brighter.

Maytoni Today

Today street lighting manufacturers in Europe and other regions produce a big variety of lanterns and lamps. Many of them not only have a pleasant design, but are also very robust. Maytoni's collection of outdoor lamps, aptly named STREET, offers illumination for street lighting, gardens. parks, patios, and beyond, in a variety of different styles, all maintaining the brand's characteristic air of class.