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Spotlight: Eclyptix - stratospheric inspiration

Posted on June 20 2016

Now part of the Swarovski Group, Schonbek Lighting have a long-established history of expertise in creating crystal lighting products. Sitting at the forefront of the luxury lighting market, the brand name is also synonymous with unparalleled opulence and excellence.

Stratospheric Inspiration

New for 2016, Schonbek Lighting's Eclyptix range embodies these same qualities and more. The name of the range comes from a term which means "the great circle of the sun’s path among the stars." Eclyptix draws on that sense of the grandiose and most of all the spectacular. This lighting collection is born from all natural inspiration and designed with a most noteworthy impression of awe in mind.

Radiant Creation

The glistening crystals - encompassed by a circular, coloured shade - are forged to be reminiscent of the stars in the night sky. The balance of these crystals and the shade form a gentle downwards light with breathtaking ambiance. The contrast of the two materials fuses the traditional with the contemporary. The Eclyptix range is bringing classic design into the modern era.

Universal Allure

Due to the design of clean, state of the art lines, the Eclyptix range is glamour refined. This contemporary collection provides a powerful enhancement whether it's in the dining room, entry way, living room, office, or somewhere else entirely. As a result it makes for a stunning addition to any setting.