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Spotlight: Schonbek's Sarella

Posted on March 12 2018

Swarovski Lighting, and consequently, their subsidiary Schonbek Lighting, are perhaps considered the leading name in luxury lighting design. Swarovski's crystal creations - across the lighting industry and so far beyond - are unparalleled. The brand's artisan craftsmanship with the material have led to them being uniquely revered, and their materials used in designs by brands all across the world. Schonbek Lighting take this crystal craft to another level, bringing to life some of the most stunning traditional and classic lighting designs available on the market. It's a proficiency that proves near impossible to fault, and one that has been revered since the moment it was established. Of course, no one understands the traditional crystal craft they create better than Schonbek themselves. The brand have a passion and a dexterity with their creations that can't be boasted by any other name. It's this passion, dexterity, and understanding for and of the materials they use that has guided Schonbek through the design, creation, and introduction of some of their newest luxury lighting designs. Described by the brand as "a waterfall of metal discs and crystal beading glimmers around fine glass arms," Sarella is, in essence, a classic marriage of hand-finished metal and multifaceted crystal drops. The illumination from within sheds a beautiful, soft light on any interior it is placed within. Boasting an instant heirloom quality, the Sarella has been interpreted in different styles, from the traditional frame enhanced by round branches, to simple bejewelled columns perfect for intimate areas. These different options add to the dexterity that Schonbek cultivate, giving you every option you might need to find the luxury lighting design most suited for you, your setting, or your project.