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Spotlight: Searchlight's Zeus

Posted on August 23 2017

An established and recognised supplier of decorative lighting, Searchlight is a family owned business that was first founded in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger. Now, supplying to the very best specialist lighting retailers, multi national chains, and distributor partners across the globe, this company is a name that remains consistently on the rise.

Searchlight Lighting excel in the creation of innovative and contemporary lighting designs, supplemented with traditional and modern classics, to meet a vast range of styles, trends, customer requirements, and quality standards to the highest of abilities.

In order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you need to invest in useful sources of light that both compliment and enhance the natural light available in your desired setting. When it comes to lighting solutions to suit a residential setting, chances are you will be wanting to replicate the effects of natural daylight.

One of Searchlight's most popular designs is Zeus. Though simple in appearance, the real beauty of the Zeus collection is that this design is fit for use anywhere in a residential setting, serving both its basic function and instilling an aesthetic to a space.

Available in three different variations, this downlight is fire rated, splash proof, anti glare, and comes with a tilt that can be adjusted to suit the lighting needs of your setting. Transitioning to offer an illumination that's as romantic as it is functional, Zeus brings a sense of personality and grace to any space.


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