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Spotlight: Studio Italia Design's Configurator

Posted on May 17 2017

"Try our new way to choose your perfect lights," Studio Italia Design declare. With an affinity for innovation and an expertise in new technologies, the brand have come up with a way for you to view what their designs - and even customised versions of their designs - look like in a setting before you purchase.

Studio Italia Design have named this the Configurator. A feature on their website, this allows users to create their own lighting designs with a great many customisable options, and place them in a setting to see what these products will look like when fitted into their own locations.

The process is simple, easy to use, and ready and waiting for your exploration. All you need to do is follow the below guide, as handily demonstrated by the accompanying video, which you can find beneath.

  • Choose the lamp you prefer.
  • Choose the best shape for your canopy.
  • Choose a standard composition or create a personalised canopy.
  • Click on the shape you want.
  • Choose the colour and drag the lamp where you prefer.
  • Use three fingers to move the lamp, or two fingers to expand, reduce, and turn it.
  • Change the shapes.
  • Change the colour.
  • Change the height.
  • Choose the background.
  • Continue to control your composition.
  • Download the final result as an image or a PDF, or even send it via email.
  • Post it on social networks.

Studio Italia Design's Configurator can be found and used on their official website.