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Spotlight: Studio Italia Design's Maggio

Posted on July 27 2017

Based in the Italian city of Venice, Studio Italia Design have stood out as the premier designer and producer of contemporary lighting fixtures since the company first formed in 1950. The fixtures this company design epitomize the prestigious label “made in Italy,” consequently displaying the highest standards of quality and design.

One of Studio Italia Design's most revered creations is Maggio. This lighting fixture was created by architect Marta Sansoni. A laser cut suspension light, Maggio is constructed with an open, branch like pattern. The structure is created to resemble branches woven together, intersected with each other.

Maggio is a symbol of spontaneous and lush vegetation, a representation of vibrancy and of growth. A suggestion of intense and seductive spring evocation fused with magical and suggestive light effects, this is a construction instilled with its own innate sense of beauty and wonder.

Available in varying finishes, from coppery bronze to matte white, and paired with a matte white poly carbonate diffuser, Studio Italia Design build this esteemed product using their fine tuned production processes.

Decorated perforations give the design a light and elegant look thanks to its soft and smooth surface. Evocative of nature and of life, Maggio is a hallmark creation both for designer Marta Sansoni and for Studio Italia Design.