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Spotlight: Studio Italia Design's Thor

Posted on July 28 2017

Based in the Italian city of Venice, Studio Italia Design have stood out as the premier designer and producer of contemporary lighting fixtures since the company first formed in 1950. The fixtures this company design epitomize the prestigious label “made in Italy,” consequently displaying the highest standards of quality and design.

The quality of the lighting solutions that Studio Italia Design create is seamless. With its sleek design and revered inspiration, Thor is a light that excels at this. Both a ceiling light and a wall light, this design demonstrates the brand at their most wonderfully cosmic.

An adjustable shield orbits the central column of the light. By moving the shield, the type of illumination this light offers can be amended to meet your lighting needs as and when suits you. When positioned away from the surface it completely obscures the interior light source, creating a circular silhouette against the diffused light. When positioned closer to the surface the central column of blown glass is revealed, pushing a vibrant light forwards.

Offering a mysterious glow of reflected and indirect light, the resulting illumination is both enchanting and ethereal. The design's customisable nature gives the owner the pleasure of ruling light - like a mythological god - from an eclipse effect to a full moon effect. It's this nature that gives the design its name.

With this light, the possibilities are as you create them. The effect of the light can be customised to whatever you want it to be, as diverse and dependable as the company that brought the design to life.