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Spotlight: Studio Italia Design's Millo

Posted on February 26 2018

Based in the Italian city of Venice, Studio Italia Design have stood out as the premier designer and producer of contemporary lighting fixtures since the company first formed in 1950. The fixtures this company design epitomize the prestigious label “made in Italy,” consequently displaying the highest standards of quality and design. The brand name stands for an ideal combination of quality, form, function, and state of the art technology. The company also develop custom made creations on a continual basis, striving to provide the ideal product for every customer. Taking pride in their products, they bring to life designs anyone can be proud to own.
Defined by its organic shape and crisp white colour, the Millo collection - comprising of a wall light and a ceiling fixture - is a versatile luxury lighting design that is capable of adding a unique sense of design detail to any space or project. The frame of this contemporary lamp is made from metal that has been formed and moulded to create the design's egg-like shape. Surrounding the frame is a white fabric shade which conceals the light sources, diffusing the light with a clear sense of character. When illuminated, this decorative light fixture provides a diffused and ambient illumination that is perfect for illuminating both residential and commercial settings, in contemporary, modern, or traditional decor. Available in three sizes, and as a ceiling light or a wall fixture, Studio Italia Design's Millo creation can be used as a solo fixture or arranged in a grouping of several to create a dynamic installation on the wall or ceiling.