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Spotlight: Studio Italia Design's Nautilus

Posted on July 14 2017

Based in the Italian city of Venice, Studio Italia Design have stood out as the premier designer and producer of contemporary lighting fixtures since the company first formed in 1950. The fixtures this company design epitomize the prestigious label “made in Italy,” consequently displaying the highest standards of quality and design.

This high standard of quality and design is epitomised in the Nautilus collection. Nautilus is an interior lighting solution that delivers refined innovation and perfected aesthetics with a design that's as unmistakable as it is minimal.

The light was born from the creative mind of Andrea Tosetto. A designer of Venetian origins, she became a part of Studio Italia Design at the young age of eighteen. Taking the reins early, she brought Studio Italia Design a strong sense of change, giving it the innovative and contemporary impression the company maintains to this day.

The materials that Studio Italia Design choose to use when manufacturing their designs are strongly linked to the Venetian territory. Using the distinctive materials of their home, all of the brand's products have a recognisable craftsmanship and a distinctively high quality.

With clear cut lines, Nautilus is as highly versatile as it is functional. What's more, it can be easily modified to suit your lighting needs. The LED light source can be focused by joining the design's two lenses, therefore allowing you to direct the light up and down. When these lenses are split from each other they can create light points in two different positions.

Nautilus is efficient without compromising its intensity, strong but not dazzling. It allows you to convey a great expressive force while serving its function of combining refined aesthetics with minimal design and effortless purpose.