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Spotlight: Swarovski's Fire & Water Crystals

Posted on June 07 2017

Swarovski Lighting are renowned for their industry defining innovate use of crystal. When it comes to glittering embellishments, there is no other brand who live up to the esteem and sense of quality that Swarovski create. This is a brand that have been lighting up dance floors for a very long time, but it's in the world of dancesport that's where crystal application gets serious.

More than just mere decoration, the competitive arena requires skillful light refracting highlights to place emphasis on the fluidity of body movement. Crystals are placed strategically to draw the judges' eyes to the line of a leg or the placement of an arm. Using crystal to place emphasis on their strongest assets is something Swarovski have always been known for, so it's no surprise that this is a market they continue to excel in.

These may have been designed and forged with the world of dance in mind, but the creation of new crystals is an exciting innovation for all crystal creations, from costume and fashion to lighting and beyond, presenting new possibilities all across the world of design.

The theme for these new collections of crystals is 'The Balance Of Nature'. Inspired by the four elements, these crystals promise something not only gloriously creative, but wonderfully unconventional. Taking two of the elements, Fire and Water, with these new crystals Swarovski have shown how nature's seasonal phenomena can be used to inspire some brilliantly stunning designs.

These striking new innovations immediately give a visual interpretation of a story. As dazzling as they are delightful, these crystals capture the eye and ensure all attention is exactly where you want it to be.


Inspired by heat, flickering flames, and evolving shades of light, the new Fire crystals showcase the striking Yellow Opal colour alongside the hot and exotic Flame Flat Black. The effect is simple, guaranteed to create enticing natural sparks.


The wavy new Water crystal innovations are as effortlessly cool as the element itself. Inspired by, as the name suggests, the ocean, the new Jelly Fish Flat Back crystals work in combination with soothing coral like elements. Together they conjure up the endless diversity of marine life found withing the blue depths of the ocean.