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Spotlight: Strandelier - artistry in heritage

Posted on October 28 2016

Swarovski are celebrated for their crystal creations. However, their venture into the luxury lighting industry as producers of products only really began five years ago. This was when the brand unveiled their first collection of chandeliers.


The Strandelier was one of the products within this collection. Designed by Todd Bracher, the light presents an air of grandiosity whilst also retaining a sense of minimalistic class. Flashy without being showy, the chandelier is covered in delicately floating crystals. This also adds an element of magic into the wonder the design embodies. It's an uncompromising luxury, delicate but steadfast, held amidst the hanging jewels.


Both classic and futuristic, the light is created with the brand's long-standing history and their expanding future in mind. Designed to honor Swarovski's heritage with light, the Strandelier keeps all distractions to a minimum. The light is built using only the materials essential to its design. The crystal is the star of the creation. Each is arranged in pride of place. They reflect the light hidden within the designs varying sized rings. This design is also easily adapted across a range of sizes and configurations. The Strandelier family of products is made to suit any setting.


The light is bold statement - indeed, one that defined the launch of their lighting brand - and an iconic image. It was first showcased at Euroluce in 2011. The chandelier remains one of Swarovski's most strikingly beautiful designs.

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