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Spotlight: Swarovski's Bottle Of Rocks

Posted on June 05 2017

Swarovski Lighting have always been leaders in innovation. The brand has sat at the forefront of luxury lighting design processes and manufacturing techniques since it was first founded, and they continue to innovate and create with everything they do.

One such design that draws together contemporary influences, rock and roll attitude, and a characteristic sense of glamour is Bottle Of Rocks. Inspired by Swarovski Lighting's iconic crystal craft and the punk mentality of Absolut Vodka, this is a light fixture unlike any other.

The Absolut Vodka 100 bottle is designed to be recognised. Functional but chic, simple yet classy, the aesthetics of this bottle clearly predispose it to serving other uses besides containing the premium beverage for which it is known. In fact, any beautifully shaped bottle lends itself to being crystallized.

It is this potential that Swarovski saw, and transformed into the dazzling and daring Bottle Of Rocks. Created as a table lamp and a pendant light, these Bottle Of Rocks designs have a sculptural quality that elevates them to works of art, while still remaining strikingly trendy through their cultural inspirations.

Influenced by the pristine clarity and icy brilliance of the Swedish distilled vodka, these bottles are sliced diagonally through the middle, revealing interiors encrusted with approximately 12000 Swarovski crystals.

When switched on the refracted light that this design creates  bring a kinetic luxe effect. Shimmering across the surfaces of a room, these Bottle Of Rocks fixtures produce an atmosphere of incomparable glamour.

These designs aren't just confined to the Absolut Vodka 100 bottle. Bottle Of Rocks can be customised using a variety of different bottles to make hanging lamps or table lamps. These are available from Swarovski Lighting on request.