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Spotlight: Swarovski's Selene

Posted on March 12 2018

Swarovski Lighting are perhaps considered the leading name in luxury lighting design. Their crystal creations - across the lighting industry and so far beyond - are unparalleled. The brand's artisan craftsmanship with the material have led to them being uniquely revered, and their materials used in designs by brands all across the world. Of course, no one understands the crystal craft they create better than Swarovski themselves. The brand have a passion and a dexterity with the material that can't be boasted by any other name. It's this passion, dexterity, and understanding for and of the materials they use that has guided Swarovski through the design, creation, and introduction of some of their newest luxury lighting designs. Selene is inspired by the ever-changing shapes of clouds in the sky. The pendant intertwines within itself and is height adjustable for an endless amount of interior design combinations, limited only by one’s imagination. Swarovski prisms reflect the light in a myriad of patterns that are at once bold, dramatic and brilliant. A stunning feat of crystal creation - the likes of which Swarovski have become unrivalled in creating - Selene presents itself with a unique sense of clarity. Crystal prisms diffuse the light to a stunning effect, offering an illumination that is well and truly a character of its own. Available as a ceiling light in various combinations of clusters, as well as being available as a wall light, the Selene design is one that has been purpose crafted to bring Swarovski's iconic and distinctive crystal shine to any setting.