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Spotlight: Terzani's Hugo

Posted on March 17 2017

When Sergio Terzani met Jean-Francois Crochet in 1985 a partnership was forged that continues to stand as brand-defining to this very day. The pair embarked on the pursuit of la luce pensata, “thinking about light,” bringing designs to life with a remarkable sense of character.

The Designer 

Born in 1949, Jean-Francois Crochet attended some of the finest decorative art schools in Paris. A celebrated graduate of his craft, he built up a name for himself across the city, designing fashion boutiques, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

The Partnership 

"In 1985 I laid on the beach right next to Sergio Terzani, three tumbles later I was working in his workshop," Jean-Francis Crochet describes of his introduction to the Terzani Lighting company. Together the pair updated the craft culture, approaching it with a contemporary design angle that helped place the company at the forefront of the industry.

The first product to emerge from this partnership was Antinea. The floor lamp - made of wrought iron, murano glass, and pietra serena (a type of sandstone once revered by Michaelangelo and Brunelleschi) - was designed for Terzani's Memory collection.

The Vision

The lamps and lighting solutions the brand create are more than accessories or cold technical supports. They are all designed, constructed, and considered as lighting sculptures, made to instill majesty and awe.

Terzani products are animated. They're vital protagonists of living areas with a completely original and identifiable character. They are dramatic and vibrant designs that build a wholly unique bridge from the past into the future.


"Then I believed I designed lamps, I believed I had memory, I got lost in the past to come back to the light with..." This is how Jean-Francois Crochet describes the impact his partnership with Terzani had on himself. One the most iconic creations to emerge from this is Hugo.

Hugo is a unique sculpture created by Terzani's master craftsmen. Composed of hand forged metal stems that encase a single light, the design has a form that's both graceful and delicate while also remaining steadfast.

Some designs are strong enough to stand alone. These are the pieces that transform spaces that transform spaces and inspire viewers. Hugo is such a light, a welcome guest in any space, as intriguing as it is powerful.