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Spotlight: Terzani's Volver

Posted on March 28 2017

As a brand, Terzani consider themselves fortunate to work with some of the brightest young stars in Italian design. It's through these collaborations that the company pursues their aspiration of being one of the most celebrated names in lighting designs while sitting at the most cutting edge of the industry.

Breaking the boundaries between art, luxury, and design, Terzani is a brand that's known for their melding of ancient techniques with cutting edge technologies. The company have always taken a meticulous approach to working with glass and metal.

Two proteges of Bruno Rainaldi - designer Diego Bassetti and architect Andrea Panzieri - applied their multidisciplinary approach to create Terzani's first LED suspension light. Named Volver, the light melds technology and art to achieve a brand new level of luxury.

The traditional and meticulous approach that guides all of Terzani's designs results in a stunning sculptural design in the form of Volver. With a geometric design that combines thin nickel chains with the latest in LED technology, Volver is a light that is both elegant and modern. Melding technology with art to achieve a new level of luxury, Volver is a breath of new light.

And Terzani continues to commission designs from renowned artists including Dodo Arslan, Nigel Coates, Luca Matorano and Mattia Albicini and Studio 14. Each of these add their unique voices that contribute to Terzani’s extensive collection. The brand continues to build from its position as an industry leader to focus on new ideas and redefine the way luxury lighting is made.