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Spotlight: Terzani's Stream

Posted on March 16 2017

Since it was first founded in the Italian city of Florence in 1972, the name Terzani Lighting has constantly blurred the lines among art, luxury, and design. The brand meld traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary technologies, driving their work forwards in a tireless pursuit of the most cutting edge designs.

The Designer

Christian Lava has long nurtured a creative relationship with Terzani Lighting. Specializing in working from blown glass, all of his designs highlight his Italian heritage and craftsmanship. That's exactly what makes him such a brilliant partner with Terzani, both drawing from their rich native culture and history to push the boundaries of everything they create.

He has designed a number of creations with Terzani. Mirage and Etoile both embody a sense of awe, but the most brilliant and majestic of Christian Lava's designs is Stream, a giant sculpture with an unparalleled grace.

The Design

Stream is an impressive presence in any setting or environment. The design exploits the physical characteristics of the materials from which it is made to envelop a room in a unique, immersive light.

Over seven kilometers of metal chain flow down from the undulating nickel plated frame. It's steadfast and whimsical, hefty and elegant, a juxtaposition of ideas that result in the perfect compliment of beauty and function.

These cascading tiers of metal project a striking yet tranquil shadow throughout the room. It's a majesty that remains characteristic and entirely unparalleled.