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Spotlight: Trendiswitch's USB sockets

Posted on January 22 2018

When it comes to the wiring accessories market, Trendiswitch‘s objective is to bring design led functional products to the worldwide marketplace. This is a brand that believes in the future of the light switch and the plug socket, continuously reinventing the format – with no compromise to usability – in order to create designs that are both contemporary and fresh. As far as Trendiswitch are concerned, regardless of advances in technologies allowing for electronic charging through the air, the majority of appliances will still need to be plugged in and switched on for many years, even many decades to come. The key topic when comparing and choosing what USB socket to buy is amperage. Amps define the strength of the electrical current, or the strength of the electrical flow.It is important to look for how many amps each outlet is rated at as products (like iPads, for example) can require a higher flow of electricity (amps) to charge effectively. Before integrated USB charging sockets arrived, you needed a suitable 3 pin (in the UK) plug adapter to connect to a traditional power socket or you would have to charge from a suitable PC/Laptop which was powered on. This was not convenient for a fast charge. Double sockets with USB charging outlets are now the ‘must have’ electrical accessory. A great deal of USB sockets are now being introduced as standard fitment on new builds and refurbishments. Like every other Trendiswitch accessory, these can be easily retro fitted by replacing existing standard power sockets. Trendi Switch USB sockets are a great way to free up your wires and any adapters by getting rid providing 4 built in USB charging points, saving you money and hassle of changing plugs with the bonus of leaving you the 3 pin power sockets free for use.