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Studio Italia Design's Nostalgia in the Netherlands

Posted on April 30 2018

When they set about selecting the decor for a villa near Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, for these architects and interior designers it seemed that Studio Italia Design's luxury lighting products were the most natural choice to illuminate, compliment, and bolster their grand setting. As with any design project they undertake, Niels and Sylvia with Fons set about transporting visitors into a world where every project is carried out with great enthusiasm and competence. Their passion for their craft has given them no shortage of expertise. They offer a high quality level of service and a characteristic sense of detail in their interior decoration. Measured and balanced, their work in interior design is all about building settings with character, and doing so by using designs that truly compliment each other, as well as the space they're in. When it came to working in this setting - a villa near the Dutch city of Oisterwijk - the architects and designers elected to use one of Studio Italia Design's most well known designs to decorate and to illuminate the interior of this setting. They chose Studio Italia Design's Nostalgia fixture as not only is it a fixture with its own characteristically contemporary sense of style and grace, but the Nostalgia is a design people can recognise. With such resonance, Nostalgia presents itself with a sense of speaking through the setting it's in. The use of Nostalgia in this piece of Dutch interior design transmits the essence of Studio Italia Design's brand. That is, epitomising the prestigious label “made in Italy,” and consequently displaying the highest standards of quality and design. The Nostalgia collection itself is a perfect blend of both retro and modern design. A decorative pendant - adaptable in everything from size, shape, and colour, to the number of different fixtures it comprises of - is custom constructed to suit your setting. Available in small, medium, and large, with finishes in gold, silver, rose gold, and clear glass, Nostalgia is a design made to suit you. It boasts the possibility to create and play with the fixtures, allowing for customisation of the compositions that result in a creation that is entirely your own. Suspended in clusters, this design is built to enhance and illuminate any setting with delightfully neutral colours - whether a uniform finish is chosen to compliment the creation itself, or a combination of finishes is used to give a sense of freshness to the environment. The Nostalgia design boasts a warm light, which is only complimented by the reflective elements of the fixture's construction. These reflective elements are a constant, changing with the light that peers through that glass, making the fixture uniquely suitable when met with any amount of natural light. Constructed from blown glass and making use of the most advanced in LED technology, built with a chrome metal structure to house the LED light source, it's details and materials such as these ones used in Nostalgia's construction that characterise the influence of the Venetian context in which Studio Italia Design create every single one of their products. The careful and high quality workmanship of the Nostalgia collection reflects the ancient tradition of glass, which runs through Studio Italia Design's veins. Designed by Kelly Dome, it remains one of Studio Italia Design's most popular interior design pieces.