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Studio Italia Design's Random in Nuremberg

Posted on May 02 2018

If you are looking for luxury lighting designs with a contemporary sense of character, there are few brands as esteemed as Studio Italia Design. The luxury lighting fixtures they create combine cutting edge inspirations to create products that are delightfully refreshing. One of Studio Italia Design's most distinctive and celebrated designs is the Random collection. Random is a suspension light which consists of spherical blown glass diffusers that presents itself with an air that's nothing short of magical. The glass spheres - the number of which comprised as part of the design can be changed to suit your lighting needs - are each equipped with an embedded LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source, providing an illumination which is warm and white. Much like the number of spheres that the Random comprises of can be adapted to meet your lighting needs, so can the size of each sphere. These spheres are suspended from thin cables, which helps to give the design it's characteristic sense of magic. The different sizes of the spheres, the height at which they are suspended, and the way the spheres cling to each other all help this design to prove strikingly unique, conferring a bright, bubbly, and distinctive sense of character. The adaptable structure of the Random suspension light opens up the Random design to seemingly endless possibilities, allowing you to create an infinite variety of clusters, helping you to achieve a design that meets your lighting needs exactly. This customisable nature is something Studio Italia Design have long prided their products on, and with the Random collection, it forms a lively - and, indeed, a seemingly random - shape and form, making each construction of the design an entity of its own making. Celebrated lighting consultants Licht Impuls of Fuerth undertook a project at Kastler Brille Haus. A glasses and accessories shop located in Fuerth, Bavaria (near Nuremberg, Germany), the aim was to present a setting that was at once contemporary and high class. Recreating a clean and sophisticated design at Kastler Brille Haus, Licht Impuls featured Studio Italia Design's Random suspension light in their decoration. Against a backdrop of white walls and wooden parquet, the contemporary suspension light well and truly shines. Walking into Kastler Brille Haus, the Random suspension light hangs above the central table of the hall. This version of the Random design features 28 suspended spheres with a rectangular canopy the length of the table it hangs above. Boasting a variety of different finishes - including chrome, crystal, gold, and rose gold - the Random presents itself at Kastler Brille Haus in all of its balanced and harmonious glory - a truly spectacular sight to behold. Licht Impuls chose to use Studio Italia Design's Random suspension light in this setting for it's graceful sense of character: it makes the room appear more sophisticated, bringing with that sophistication its own sense of warmth courtesy of the combination of its shining metal with the wood found in the table, parquet, and in further furnishing details within the room. The Radom's polished metal finish perfectly compliments the mirrors found within the store, providing the aesthetic of the room with a sense of continuity, and making the impact of the design all the more profound.