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Lit: Swarovski, Eno, and 55 Million Crystals

Posted on February 10 2017

Magic and majesty aren't all that Swarovski's Kristallwelten is famed for. The iconic Crystal Worlds are also celebrated for some of the names who collaborated on designs and installations. These industry leaders from a variety of fields are drawn to Swarovski for the brand's unparalleled talent, each seeking to improve themselves and create something bolder and brighter than ever before.

The Artist

One such collaborator is none other than Brian Eno. Born in Woodbridge, England, in 1948, Eno is something of a household name in British culture. Studying at St Joseph's College in Birkfield before progressing on to the Ipswich Art School and later the Winchester School Of Art, the musician / producer / conceptual artist is a cultural icon.

Perhaps best known as one of the founding members of Roxy Music (the band behind hits like "More Than This" and "Love Is The Drug"), before going on to write and perform as a solo artist, Eno is a master of ambient music.

Working as a producer he set new standards with his unconventional sound aesthetic, ushering bands like Talking Heads and U2 to major success, and giving Microsoft its inimitable sound for Windows 95. But it's not just his dexterity with sonics that has seen Eno excel. The artist has engaged intensively with visual media, creating video installations that have been exhibited in a number of renowned galleries worldwide.

The Display

In an age of high-definition monitors and powerful computers, Brian Eno does not consider an original work of art something bound to an immovable, physical object. In his holistic hypnotic experience comprised of music and colors, Eno shows not only that there is an infinity of individual moments, but that each of these individual moments are completely unique.

55 Million Crystals is a synthesis of ambient music, light, hand-painted picture components, and state-of-the-art computer technology. All of these carefully created and intricately linked aspects merge into a grandiose object that changes with barely perceptible transitions.

Witnessing it for yourself, 55 Million Crystals produces a deeply meditative effect. At any moment the display is an absolutely unique original. No one else has ever seen what you see in this particular moment, and no one else will ever see it quite this way again.