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Beneath The Shade: Swarovski's personality in crystal

Posted on November 29 2016

How do you create perfection? One brand have over 100 years of expertise creating and working with the most dazzling of crystal. The products made by Swarovski Lighting build upon that knowledge. They also strive to attain as close to the ideal as is physically possible. No other lighting company comes near. But how do they achieve that?


"Perfection comes with perfect ingredients," the brand state. They attribute the unrivaled brilliance of their products to the purity of the materials used. The precision to which the material is cut is also crucial. Just as integral are the tightly monitored processes of quality control and polishing that give every item its characteristic shine. Swarovski Lighting's range consists of over 500 components. These are available in 14 standard colours and 9 different effects. The range is suited to you.


The brand create a vast diversity of crystals. They offer an internationally unique and ever expanding spectrum of cuts, shapes, colours, sizes, and effects. They continue to transform crystal into premium decorative lighting elements and creative architectural solutions. The mastery of light that Swarovski instill into every design and every product is entirely inimitable.


Boasting a team of industry experts dedicated to their career and their creativity, Swarovski offer 360° support to their clients. This includes everything from planning, purchasing, project management, to product creation. Each member of the Swarovski Group strives to ensure flawless implementation across the entirety of the process line. They offer tailor made solutions and product personalisations as an integral element of their service. Swarovski are more than just a supplier: they're a partner in bringing crystallized inspiration to life.