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Beneath The Shade: Swarovski's social responsibility

Posted on November 28 2016

It's well known that Swarovski Lighting is created from the finest crystal. Behind the prestige and the price tag is much more than a glittering gem. The brand pride themselves on their social responsibility. They have been embedding it in the very function of the business since the company was created in 1895.

Mission Statement

Swarovski strive to "add sparkle to the everyday lives of our employees, customers and suppliers and the broader community on a global scale." But their mission statement extends beyond just that. "While protecting the natural environment," they seek "to leave a rich legacy for future generations,=." Swarovski Lighting products retain an illustriousness that extends beyond the product they create.


Swarovski was founded in the small town of Wattens, high up in the Austrian Alps. The base was chosen due to the location's energy potential provided by the nearby rivers. As such, water has always been a key element of he company's production processes. It's always been a key aspect of their culture and philosophy as well.


The result of this is the Swarovski Waterschool. It creates awareness of how essential water is to our survival. The school does this by teaching the principles of sustainable water management. It provides clean drinking water and water sanitation in schools and communities.


The program builds from a long-standing history. It does this in order to give back to the Earth the best way the company know how.

The Swarovski Waterschool has bases in Austria, India, China, Uganda, Brazil, and beyond. It's just one of the ways that the brand ensure their products are crafted not only to look beautiful, but to permeate a beautiful sense of well being.