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Swarovski's Infinite Aura shortlisted for Lighting-Piece Award

Posted on June 11 2018

Swarovski's Infinite Aura shortlisted for Lighting-Piece Award
If a crystal creation is what your luxury design project needs, that look no further than Swarovski. The first name in crystal creations, the brand have established an unparalleled dexterity when it comes to sculptures in this most prized of materials. At once prismatic and enigmatic, Swarovski crystal has a unique way of handling light. It catches and holds it as if capturing a sunbeam, refracting it in an extraordinary play of light that can delight all of the senses. The brand themselves have a 120 year heritage of master crystal cutting and superior craftsmanship, one that isn't rivalled by any other name. Ever at the top of their field, Swarovski Lighting have yet another achievement under their belt: Design Et Al have announced that the brand has been shortlisted for the Lighting-Piece award at this year's International Design And Architecture Awards. The lighting creation in question that has been shortlisted for the Lighting-Piece prize is the Infinite Aura. The Infinite Aura collection was designed in collaboration with award-winning global design and innovation consultancy IDEO. An innovative lighting design that stands as a piece of art, the Infinite Aura is a reimagining of the conventional chandelier, brought to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and character. Consisting of a sleek metal disk which holds a ring of precision cut Swarovski Crystals inside its rim, this design is as stylish as it is spectacular. When it's switched on the Infinite Aura's surface is illuminated by its LED lights, the polished sheer of the circular structure creating an extraordinary illusion that sends the crystal reflections into infinity. The Infinite Aura Collection is comprised of five lighting fixtures: a pendant light (in three different sizes) and a wall and ceiling light (in two different sizes). The pendant lights can be customised by adding a string of brilliantly faceted crystals along the pendant chain that create a play of light even when the light is not on. Available in four different subtle shades to suit a variety of settings, projects, and interiors, the Infinite Aura collection is the perfect compliment to any space. In a feat of technologically advanced customisation, the Infinite Aura collection connects to a bespoke Swarovski Lighting app which allows the user to select from five pre-set ‘auras’ and three pre-set ‘effects’, or even to customize their own mood to create a unique lighting environment that is truly their own.   The pre-set moods allow users to adjust their lighting environment at the tap of a button. They range from 'glowing' to 'radiant' auras, with a radiance to suit every ambience and time of day. The pre-set effects, including 'Infinite Chase', 'Infinite Shimmer', and 'Infinite Sparkle', produce a slow movement of light and mesmerising crystal effects to subtly enhance the atmosphere and create a unique space. For added personalization, the Infinite Control app enables users to adapt the lighting to match their mood, whether intimate and cozy or active and stimulating. Once users have discovered their personal preferences, they can save their customized setting and recreate their authentic environment each time they switch on the light.