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Take a look at Brand van Egmond's first mono-brand boutique

Posted on June 06 2018

Take a look at Brand van Egmond's first mono-brand boutique
Brand Van Egmond is a Dutch lighting design company that sits at the cutting edge of the lighting industry. The brand is an international trendsetter – for exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting designs, there’s no parallel. For over a quarter of a century, the Brand van Egmond atelier, based in The Netherlands, has designed and produced iconic lighting sculptures for some of the most beautiful spaces in the world. The handcrafted lights evoke a strong emotional connection, and leave a long lasting impression. Luxury firms like Chopard, Louis Vuitton and the Four Seasons Hotel have all invited the atelier to create lighting for their spaces. As all lighting is handcrafted, William Brand is frequently invited for commissioned work. Musuems around the world have curated his work for their permanent and temporary exhibitions. Last month the company celebrated the grand opening of a Brand Van Egmond boutique in Malaysia. Her Royal Highness Queen Tuanku Sultana of Pahang officiated the grand opening, joined by her son HRH Prince Tengku Abdul Fahd Mu’adzam, along with many more guests from Malaysia and the region at large. Through a live stream connection the opening could be followed online from every corner in the world. The boutique allows for guests to be inspired by the depth of the brand's collections, and at the same time receive advice on the wide-ranging possibilities. Brand Van Egmond is unique in its capacity to customise, and translate personal wishes into a handcrafted reality. “For over a quarter of a century we have made lights for the most eclectic and international clientele you can imagine, ranging from Royals till Rappers," Brand Van Egmond founder and designer William Brand details. "For us to move towards an exclusive Brand van Egmond boutique in the most diverse Asian nation I know, seems both logical as well as natural.” For the Malaysian boutique several collections were handpicked. The by now famous ‘Hollywood’ collection, inspired by the trees William Brand encountered while travelling through Africa with his family, is also on display to experience. The grand ‘Diamonds from Amsterdam’ is another evocative piece, where “the jewellery making” is mixed with lighting. Even an example of the possibilities to customise is on display: a stunning romantic red rosed ‘Love You Love You Not ‘ sculpture is showing some of the possibilities – and pleasure – to offer tailer made lighting. Malaysia has one of the most vibrant societies and economies of the region. Influenced by internationally focused citizens, authentic design firms have experienced a steady rise in enthusiastic followers. Although Malaysia is a diverse nation, its national culture is unified around several qualities, not least of which are valuing authenticity and a strong appreciation for craftsmanship. It is exactly due to the appreciation of these qualities that Brand van Egmond has opened its first mono-brand boutique in Malaysia. The boutique is situated in Starhill Gallery, a pioneer in international luxury in Kuala Lumpur. Located next to Hermes and Rolex, the Brand Van Egmond boutique is open every day of the week with professional staff on hand to offer advice.