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The top modern luxury lighting brands

Posted on May 07 2018

The top modern luxury lighting brands
Luxury. Noun. A state of great comfort or elegance. Here at iLite Lighting, we consider luxury lighting to mean lighting sculptures that have been crafted by expert craftsmen, each one they create infused with their expertise, passion, and love, emotions instilled into every rare and beautiful material they use. There's no denying that when it comes it luxury lighting, it’s a very subjective topic. As with opinion and tastes across any area of design, it is individual to each and every one of us. It's for this reason that a lot of high end luxury lighting brands will offer a completely bespoke service. Allowing you to choose everything about your design, from the number of bulbs, through their finish, to the size of the product, and more besides, every aspect of a design can be crafted to suit you. Customisable to the exact requirements of the client, you won't find anything that meets your lighting needs more exactly than a bespoke design. Within luxury lighting there are several brands that are known worldwide for their luxury sculptures, that are considered to be market leaders. Here, we give a run down of those brands, with the hopes of helping you to find the brand that best suits you. Swarovski: Swarovski are known for creating the most beautiful and expensive crystal in the world. Turning a timeless material into contemporary designs, they remain at the top of the luxury lighting game. Combining crystal and light, Swarovski Lighting creations are famed for their sparkling wonder. Intricately crafted, each creation is designed with character in mind. From chandeliers to lamps, whether it’s extravagance or simplicity you’re searching for, Swarovski Lighting designs are peerless in their creation. The entire Swarovski Lighting collection is available at i-lite Lighting, Authorised Stockist and Partner of Swarovski England. Schonbek: A member of the Swarovski Group since 2007, Schonbek have carried a reputation for innovation in the crystal lighting industry since the company was founded in 1870. This long established history is what marks out the brand name as leaders in their field. They fuse their expertise with Swarovski's to create the most magnificent traditional designs in the crystal lighting industry. Flos: Since it was first founded fifty years ago, Flos Lighting have been ceaselessly pursuing their ambitions of “crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams.” For them, light is more than illumination. Light is a substance they can use to express new ideas and illuminate unexplored emotions. It’s a tool for creativity, a means to convey ideas, ideals, and more besides. Flos use light to write the future, reading their past to inform their expression in the present. Foscarini: A leading name in contemporary lighting designs, Foscarini Lighting strives to be “free, passionate, unconventional and right at the heart of the industry in which it thrives.” A technological and creative workshop that conceives, develops, and produces “not just lamps but pure emotions,” this brand stands out from the crowd with unmistakable character. Exploring an entire world of materials and solutions, Foscarini Lighting is a designing and technological tour de force. Lladro: Lladro create dreams in porcelain. Each light is handmade in Spain by expert craftsmen. This is done with technical perfection and also with artistic excellence. The magic of the light as it is filtered through the porcelain is exactly what makes Lladro products so unique. A wonderful alternative to the traditional crystal chandeliers while still maintaining the luxurious feel. They believe that there is a chandelier for every style and a customised lighting solution for any space. The sky is the limit, no idea is too big or small.