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Bedroom Lighting

Ensuring your bedroom is a comfortable place to rest your head, and bright enough to rise and shine each morning is vital. For this reason, many opt for multiple light sources in the bedroom to suit the mood. Bedside lamps provide the perfect amount of light for finishing off the last chapter of your book, and bright bedroom ceiling lights ensure you can prepare for the day ahead the next morning. Explore our range of bedroom lighting to complete your interior.

Say goodbye to getting ready for the day in the dark. Our bedroom ceiling lights are available in styles to suit all.

Create the perfect ambience for reading your book or perfecting your nighttime relaxation regime.

Create the perfect setting to get lost in your favourite book with our bedroom reading lights.

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1. What type of lighting is best for bedrooms? 

Most people would say the darker the better when it comes to bedroom lighting however, although useful for sleeping, it’s also useful to be able to see what you’re doing when getting ready for the day. A bedroom should provide illumination for daily activities such as dressing, reading and even romancing - but most importantly your bedroom should be a place for relaxing. Let's look at lighting which can tick all these boxes.

Start with a room assessment

Bedroom lighting varies on the size and design of your room. Larger bedrooms will allow for larger and several fixtures while smaller bedrooms benefit from space-savvy wall-hung lights.

Choosing the perfect type of lighting for your bedroom can be overwhelming - but at ilite not only do we have a great selection, we can also help you whittle down the options, ensuring the right choice first time.

Looking at the room size you are working with, check out the handy tips below to assess how you can get that perfect lighting for your bedroom;

Low Ceiling (2.4m or less)

Flush mount or semi-flush mount lights are great options to maximise these rooms. They are versatile, don’t require much space and are available in a multitude of styles and finishes - definitely a great place to start.

Flush or semi-flush lighting?

You can save time if you can eliminate half the options by knowing if you need a Flush Mount or Semi-Flush!

A flush mount fits directly to the ceiling, while a semi-flush hangs down several centimeters, leaving airspace between the ceiling and the fixture. Based on your ceiling height, we recommend: :

  • Ceilings below 2m ideally look for a flush mount light fixture. If you have a bed or dresser directly below the light you could choose a semi-flush or even short chandelier.
  • Ceiling heights of 2.1m - 2.5m consider a semi flush mount light. Most hang less than a foot from the ceiling

High Ceiling (2.6m or more)

Boost your bedroom style with a well chosen pendant! Mix it up and hang on either side of the bed, as an alternative to bedside table lamps or wall sconces — or even fix as a feature over the bed. If going for these stylish options just ensure the light fixture is hung high enough to avoid hitting your head when you get in and out of bed!

Pro tips:

  • Use as bedside lighting by dropping pendants down over the nightstands. Just make sure to leave at least 35cm - 60cm between the nightstand and the bottom of the pendant.
  • Hang pendants for general room lighting, whether near the bottom of your bed or towards the center of the room.
  • Pendants look best over the bed or other furniture, rather than hanging over walkways.
  • Watch out for clear glass or open designs that might be too bright for bedroom comfort.

Looking for that wow factor?

If you want to add some drama, glamour and elegance to your bedroom go for the all-time fashionable chandelier. Although the largest and most formal chandeliers belong in other areas of the home, a smaller fixture is a great choice for a high ceiling bedroom. Choose as streamlined a design as suitable for your room, and a chandelier will become the luxurious touch to a contemporary or even minimalist bedroom.

Pro tips:

  • For a small bedroom keep the chandelier to no more than 50cm in diameter. In a larger bedroom limit the chandelier to no more than 80cm across.
  • Choose a chandelier which will diffuse harsh bulbs and provide a moderate light.
  • Keep placement towards the center of the room or the lower third of your bed.
  • If your bedroom has a sitting area,a chandelier can define the space beautifully.

‘Better safe than sorry’ kind of person?

Floor lamps and wall sconces are always a good choice regardless of room size! The styles of these lamps are nearly endless, so you are guaranteed to find one to compliment your decorating theme. If your bedroom doesn’t have ceiling fixtures, use at least one floor lamp in a small bedroom, or two or more in a large room.

Pro tips:

  • Save on space by using a floor lamp in place of the extra nightstand.
  • Position a floor lamp near your bed or chair to illuminate for reading..
  • Use wall sconces to save space and keep the room uncluttered.
  • Sconces with adjustable swing arms are perfect for moving light around small spaces for reading or dressing..
  • Install sconces to be reachable from the bed. We recommend 10 -15cm out to the side of the headboard and approximately 60cm above the mattress.

Recessed lights

If you own a good-sized room, recessed lights add depth and dimension, and can accentuate your furniture.. Ideal with any height ceiling, recessed lighting can be positioned at any room height..

Pro tips:

  • Space up to 4-8 recessed lights approx 90-150cm apart in an average-sized bedroom.
  • Lights should be positioned around the perimeter of the room. In a very large room consider adding an additional row.  
  • Recessed lights are a great way to define a separate reading or sitting area.
  • An excellent option for a walk-in or large wardrobe.


If you or your partner are night-time readers a portable reading light or bedside light are a wise investment.Even if you’re not much of a reader we find them very useful, and also, they can add a powerful punch of décor to your bedroom!

iLite Essential

If you want to know our secret for creating the right light every time, we recommend connecting your bedroom lighting to a dimmer switch!

Get your mind awake on bleak winter mornings with a bright blaze of light, or alternatively, turn on the ambiance with a soothing, relaxing glow to help you recharge at the end of a long day.