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Dining Room Lighting

Whether it’s a dinner for one or a banquet for 10, both should be perfectly illuminated. Opt for low hanging dining room pendant lights to gently light up your table setting, or add a dash of elegance to high ceilings with a dining room chandelier. We offer only the best quality dining room lighting, bound to offer the finishing touch your room needs.

Create the perfect ambience around the dinner table with our low hanging pendant lights.

Master the ‘wow’ factor with our dining room chandeliers, the perfect finishing touch for your space.

Be it an industrial scheme or a clean and sleek seamless interior design, our modern dining room lights provide the solution to any design.

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1. Light up your dining room

When selecting the lighting for your dining room look at how you want to feel and how you want to enjoy the area, because lighting is how you set the atmosphere!

Let's look at four ways to help you create a plan for action:

  • Scene: When you visualize your ideal dining room what do you see? Fresh, clean-cut, contemporary lines or maybe rich colours, opulence and dark furniture?
  • Emotion: What is that emotion you are looking to create? Lighting is key for bringing that ambience to life!
  • Lighting Style: Think about the kind of lighting that will complement your personal style, and your home décor.
  • Function: Which activities will you be doing in the space? For many the dining room is not just for eating – it’s a multi-functional space used for study, having conversations, playing games and entertaining.

Using your above answers as the guide let’s now look at providing sufficient light at the table and around the room.

Here are our iLite top tips to impress your guests and make your meals an experience…

Focus the lighting around your dining table

It is crucial to create an atmosphere around the table, so that when you have people around for dinner the rest of the room recedes, and the focal point is directed to the special meal you prepared and your company. The way to achieve this is to base your lighting design around the dining table, rather than the room as a whole.

We recommend using either a chandelier, statement pendant or a series of pendants. Hang them relatively low - the bottom of the light fixture should be around 90cm above the table, to help bring the focus to the table and those around it.

Working with a small space?

Maximize the area while still keeping an intimate feel by using lighting in scale with your dining table. For a small round table one central pendant light will fit perfectly. If you are doubting the size, go for the bigger option. The bigger the better we say!

Large rooms

If you are working with a long rectangular dining table then try multiple pendants in odd numbers or go for a large chandelier. The longer the table the more lights you can use - what style do you like?

Control the mood

If you’re having breakfast, or working from home at your dinner table, you’ll want to have plenty of light to help keep you bright and alert, but at night you may want to turn it down low for a relaxed feel. The easiest way to control this is to invest in a dimmer switch.

Being able to change the brightness to a low-level warm light is perfect for entertaining guests – it creates an intimate atmosphere and, not only does everyone look great in a soft light, it will hide the gravy you spilt on the carpet earlier!

2. What’s trending in dining room lighting? 

If you are looking for dining room ideas to spark your space we are seeing a mix of fresh, clean, contemporary styles or unique, geometric light fixtures as the biggest dining room lighting trends for this year.

2021 trends Ilite are loving;

The Bigger the Better

Buy big and go home! Oversized lighting works particularly well in a spacious, open-plan area, and makes a bold statement in any room.

Black is the New Black

Black light fixtures are fast becoming one of the most stylish dining room lighting trends. Whether matte or glossy, black fixtures offer a sleek and chic alternative to the current metallics — make a statement and pop over to our Black lighting collection.

Vary Heights and Numbers

Some pendant lamp pairs look best when hung at different heights. We like to also work in odd numbers when using several pendants of the same or similar style, to keep it playful and avoid a rigid look.

Multiplying your lights is also a hot trend right now - instead of using a single pendant light, hang multiple lights to create a fun, unique and diverse look.

Contemporary Chandeliers

Classic meets Modern with our selection of stunning chandeliers. An attractive way to add interest in modern spaces is to soften it with a touch of luxury. Choose elegant candle-inspired lights or pick a contemporary bold statement for a fresh look. Check out our collection here!

3. What is the best lighting for a small kitchen?

Lighting can totally transform small kitchens, and make a significant impact on aesthetics and functionality. The effects of lighting are even greater in small kitchens, where things are close together and slight changes in the light can create either more shadow or glare. The right lighting makes any kitchen feel bright and airy and creates a beautiful and functional workspace. It’s especially important in small kitchens to prevent shadows and give the illusion of more room. The best kitchen lighting will significantly improve the appearance of the countertops, cabinets and accessories but ultimately the use-friendliness of the space.

Different lights will lend themselves to certain design styles and floor plans. For example, a galley kitchen is very different from an open concept space, so the best lighting will be unique to those spaces. Here are some specific kitchen design styles that can help you decide which fixtures will work for your home.

Galley Kitchen

While a galley kitchen is a very efficient use of space, it can run the risk of feeling cramped when there isn’t adequate light. The right mix of ambient, accent and task lighting can open up the space and create a pleasant, open atmosphere. Use ceiling lights along the whole length of the kitchen for adequate ambient light and dispel shadows in the corners. Track lighting or a series of pendant lights are both good options. It’s vital to ensure adequate lighting on galley kitchen work surfaces, which are often shaded beneath cabinets so we recommend installing lighting under cabinets which create a beautiful but functional glow over your countertops, sink and cooker.

Finally, add style to your galley kitchen with accent lighting. Rope lights along the top of wall cabinets make the ceiling feel higher and adds visual interest. Use accent lights to draw the attention to attractive features of the kitchen and to add a feeling of depth to broaden the space.


An L-shaped kitchen is likely to have a source of natural light from a window, or ambient light spilling in from adjacent areas of the home. It’s important to adequately light the corner of the darker end of the L so it isn’t constantly in shadow. Lighting should draw you further into the kitchen. Consider adding an art piece illuminated by accent lighting to brighten a perpetually dim corner. Recessed lighting works well in the ceiling, and adding above-cabinet lighting can also help brighten up corners. Many L-shaped kitchens have an island or breakfast table on the open side. This is the ideal spot to add accent lighting that will create a focal point at the widest part of the kitchen. You’ll also get the benefit of a brighter light essential when you’re working at the island or enjoying a meal at the table. Chandeliers or multi-light pendants are both smart options here.

Open Floor Plan

Chances are the kitchen in an open plan home has a good amount of ambient light from windows and other areas of the property. The challenge with an open plan is making the kitchen feel like a defined space. First consider the ambient lighting and make sure it moves consistently throughout the floor plan. Add recessed lights in the kitchen and adjacent dining or great rooms,then use decorative accent and task lighting to define the space in the kitchen. Mini-pendants can work well above a sink or island. Anchor the space with a large fixture in the center of the kitchen and then add under cabinet task lighting around the exterior. It’s important to choose decorative fixtures with the rest of the open floor plan in mind. Either go with a similar fixture style throughout the whole floor or choose something unique to differentiate each area.

Ultimately, embrace the radiance of natural light and add artificial light where necessary. Create interest and functionality with layers of light using ambient, accent and task lighting. Decorative fixtures add extra light and accentuate the surrounding decor. Take into account your home’s unique floor plan, and utilize specifically-constructed kitchen lighting designs to suit the space you are working withFinally, enjoy the beautiful ambiance you have created in your home!