Decafe Koji Pendant Light


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Raul Lauri Decafe Koji Pendant Light.

Small pendant light made of “decafé”. The semi-handcraft manufacture and the material employed in this process are the responsible circumstances for making any single finished product of this kind of lamp a uniquely distinctive item.

In this way, KOJI lamps are characterized by differing from one another and for having exclusive scent and character. The light hotness we feel when touching these lamps, brings us memories of hot cups of coffee.

Our lights are always delivered without bulbs, because bulbs are as personal, as the lights themselves. The choice of standard or LED bulbs is a very personal issue. We will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution – we are just one phone call away.


Light Source LED
Colour Brass, Brown, Copper
Wattage LED Included
Width 8.5 cm, 15 cm
Height 10.5 cm, 20 cm
Diameter 6 cm
Max Height 200 cm

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