Hookl Und Stool Triangle Footrest


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Hookl Und Stool Triangle Footrest.

Name of the collection comes from characterstical skeleton rod structure which by mutual overlapping forms great number of triangles on all elements of the collection. Such binor structure gives to all elements of the collection much firmness, yet Light and translucent shape. Armchair is decorated by exceptional ergonomics for which backrest and neckrest pillow which comes from the very shape of armchair. Interesting detail is just the neckrest pillow. which can be flipped back or re-moved from armchair by undoing massive zip which is the fusion of functional and esthetic elements.

Our lights are always delivered without bulbs, because bulbs are as personal, as the lights themselves. The choice of standard or LED bulbs is a very personal issue. We will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution – we are just one phone call away.

Height 42cm
Width 57cm
Length 48cm
Material Leather, Wool/Leather

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