Lladró Echoes of Nature Candle – Gardens of Valencia

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Lladró Echoes of Nature Candle – Gardens of Valencia Scent is with beautifully handcrafted porcelain elements.

The Home Fragrances in the Echoes of Nature collection are inspired by the evocative power of the aromas that we find in Nature. The fragrance Gardens of Valencia is a fruity aroma with notes of bergamot, tuberose and vanilla. A scent as fresh as the land where Lladró creations are born in a candle crowned with an elaborate porcelain cover etched and painted by hand with exclusive designs that are a metaphor of the aroma treasured inside.

It contains 200 grams (7.05 oz) and has a duration of 45 hours. It includes up to 10% of fragrance and its wick virtually produce no smoke. Once the wax has been used up, the vases in this collection become decorative pieces with attractive designs that can also be used as functional objects, such as a box or a jewelry case with the artistic touch of handcrafted porcelain.

Either in scented candles or in liquid perfume diffusers, behind each Lladró fragrance there is a story that transports you to a moment of happiness. All the brand’s works extend an invitation to relive and enjoy those moments. This magical ability is also captured in the Home Fragrances thanks to the evocative power of the essences and the symbolism of the figurines and reliefs in porcelain.

Fragrance Scent Gardens of Valencia

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